‘Golan The Insatiable’ Trailer: Kneel Before Fox’s New Toon Series

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A year after Fox scrapped its ADHD Saturday animation block, one of the programs culled from that toon incubator is making its way to primetime. Here’s the first trailer for Golan The Incubator, which launches May 31 with a new voice cast led by Aubrey Plaza and Rob Riggle. It follows Dylan (Plaza), a 9-year-old small-town oddball who is picked on and harassed — until one day she stumbles upon Golan (Riggle), a mighty “godlord” from another dimension. All Dylan wants is for her horned-and-clawed new pal — the self-confessed “crusher of wills” and “impregnator of the unimpregnable” — to unleash a bloody reign of terror on Oak Grove, MN.

The voice cast also includes Ken Marino, John DiMaggio, Maria Bamford, Rachel Butera and Nick Rutherford. Golan The Insatiable was created by TV newcomer Joshua Miller and developed by Matt Silverstein & Dave Jeser (ADHD’s Axe Cop). ADHD’s Weidenfeld and Hend Baghdady serve as…

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