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For some reason, I tend to gravitate to photographing things that are broken. I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by the broken down dilapidated buildings with centuries of peeling paint or the old rundown cars or buses. Yet oddly enough, I not only enjoy broken objects but I adore them.

From the old cars of Havana, to the crumbling buildings of Guatemala and Bolivia, broken things to me are a treasure and reminder of our past. I am a huge proponent of recycling and I love it when people use their resourcefulness and creativity to make, fix and beautify things out of another man’s trash.

In Cuba, mostly due to the decades long US embargo, Cubans have become experts at repairing their old cars using the most extraordinary things as spare parts.

Street Photography Havana

Vintage American cars in Havana

Old cars in Havana Given the age of the cars, many break down and have to be refurbished with new parts.

Havana Cuba cars

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