Real Raw Records “Music is Magic”

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Real Raw Records is Motivated to Inspire You!

Music Is Magic Foundation

Legendary - Music is Magic! "Music from the Soul...For the Soul!" Legendary – Music is Magic! “Music from the Soul…For the Soul!”

Real Raw Records is a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation.

It is a Record Label formed by the people for the people.  We have chosen this legal form of ownership because, the company was formed to provide opportunity and a network of resources for those that otherwise could not provide for themselves.   This organization was formed for ADULTS ONLY because there are many organization formed for children, which is a wonderful thing but, there are many Adults that need these types of services and assistance.

     We are a Record Label and we operate in the same capacity as a record label. We assist artist in developing their brand, recording music, selling music, publishing their talents and arranging opportunities for them to display their talent via video and live performances.  The main difference in our corporation, as a Record Label

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