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Real Raw Records Website
Real Raw Records Website


A minimum start up committee of 8-10 people is suggested. The more people that can be a part of the committee, the better for all involved. Committees that are smaller in number can often get overwhelmed with too much to do. A larger committee makes it possible where each member has one or maybe two specific jobs to perform with the knowledge that they have an amount of responsibility that won’t be too overwhelming. The best scenario is to have one or more representatives from each congregation serve on the committee. It is also helpful if some of the volunteers are the music directors/ministers from the participating congregations.

Committee Jobs:
General Chairperson, Musical Director, Publicity& Advertising, Accounting/Expenses, Volunteer Coordinator, Ticket Sales, Refreshments, Sponsorships, Stage and Sound, Video, Event Program, Tee-Shirt fundraising.

Committee Members: Job Descriptions

General Chairperson:
Oversees all sub-committees, facilitates committee meetings, prepares meeting agenda, records minutes of meetings or asks for volunteer, and makes up group email list.

Publicity & Advertising Chairperson:

Oversees all public relations related to the concert. Publicity should follow 3 different avenues when getting the word out.


Responsible for securing and tracking sponsors for the concert. Committee members can also help in soliciting sponsorships from contacts they may have in the community. Sponsorships are often secured from local companies, businesses and corporations in the community. It is a good fit for them to use their marketing dollars to promote community events. The sponsorship chairperson would be responsible to mail out a solicitation letter and follow up with visits and/or phone calls. Monies raised from corporate sponsors can be used to pay for expenses as they arise. Expenses include rental space for the hall (if not donated), refreshments, event program, posters and promotional materials etc. All proceeds after expenses can be distributed to designated local community charities, and/or the music programs of the participating groups in the event. The committee can choose where to distribute the proceeds

Ticket Chairperson:

Responsible for overseeing and tracking distribution of all tickets including box office sales, tickets sold (in house) to the members of the participating congregations, promotional and performer tickets and tickets for the media. Most congregations will want to have tickets ahead of time to sell to the members from their congregation that plan to attend the concert.

Financial Accounting Chairperson:
Collects and tracks all income (ticket sales, sponsorships etc.) and pays out all expenses.

Musical Director:
Responsible for the design, order and layout of the concert. Decides how the program is to flow.

Sound/Lighting and Stage Chairperson:
Should have experience in sound and stage set up. The stage/props should need minimal attention for the evening because of the nature of the event. The sound system is to be set up according to participants and the type of music that will be played. Certain venues will have sound/lighting technicians on staff.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Oversees all volunteers that will be needed for the day or night of the performance, keeps track of who is volunteering and looks for ways to initially recruit volunteers. Volunteers help out as ushers (if needed) with handing out programs, ticket distribution at will call, tee-shirt sales, seating patrons, and serving refreshments.

Refreshments Chairperson:
Responsible for the purchase and set up of refreshments to be served following the concert. Often large soft drink companies and bottling companies will donate beverages for community and non-profit events. Let them know that you will be including their name in the event program and all marketing materials.

Event Program Chairperson:
Create and design the event program, organize the order of the program, be sure that all performers names and sponsors names and logo’s are listed.

CD, Hats,Tee-Shirt, Cups & Tie Fund Raising Chairperson:

Tee shirts will be sold at the event to raise money, while also providing a souvenir for the patrons.

REAL RAW RECORDS offers a “Music is Magic” tee-shirt specially designed for the concert. Tee-shirts can be purchased at a reduced price of $10.00 (plus shipping charges) and sold before and after the performance for $15.00-17.00.

Call Now! 832-576-5877 for more information. (6) Weeks delivery time is needed.


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