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Legendary - Music is Magic! "Music from the Soul...For the Soul!"
Legendary – Music is Magic! “Music from the Soul…For the Soul!”

Real Raw Records is a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation.

It is a Record Label formed by the people for the people.  We have chosen this legal form of ownership because, the company was formed to provide opportunity and a network of resources for those that otherwise could not provide for themselves.   This organization was formed for ADULTS ONLY because there are many organization formed for children, which is a wonderful thing but, there are many Adults that need these types of services and assistance.

     We are a Record Label and we operate in the same capacity as a record label. We assist artist in developing their brand, recording music, selling music, publishing their talents and arranging opportunities for them to display their talent via video and live performances.  The main difference in our corporation, as a Record Label, is our Standard of Integrity and Business Ethics.  The structure as to which we go about performing these task is based upon a Standard of Integrity. We will work closely with artist and network with other organizations to accomplish their intended goals.  Our organiztional structure is similar to the SBA (Small Business Association). The difference is we are not geared towards starting businesses our sole purpose is to provide MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, AND INFORMATION. We equip artist with resources conducive for success in reaching their goals. The artist are independent and have the freedom to operate outside the confines of our organization. We merely offer tools for success, information, some structure, promotion, and a system of support! Our services include but are not limited to: providing information, referrals, and assistance in obtaining copyrights and other necessary paperwork needed to professionalize, and protect their works of art and intellectual property.

LEGENDARY: Is our Trademark and BranD of Music & Merchandise (T-Shirts, Hats, Cups, etc.) Designed, Creative Ideas by the Artist Team of Real Raw Records. It is the trademark of the organizations’ merchandise that will be sold to generate the revenue needed to support the business expenses and income needs for the operation of the organization. We have chosen Legendary as our trademark & BranD of music, art, and merchandise, because it is our measurement of the quality and standards we uphold.
“Legendary is our BranD because Legendary is our Style”
We believe that “Legendary is not just a BranD it is a Legacy Lifestyle”

The Music is Magic Foundation is a support group, and subsidiary function, affiliate (Division) of Real Raw Records. The purpose of Music is Magic Foundation is to provide a system of support and motivation for mental, emotional and economic wholeness. Real Raw Records will began holding Meetings (Support Group Style). The , which are support group meetings, designed to identify the problems and provide solutions for emotional and economic needs for people without family or social support.

     Music is Magic Foundation is the Organization’s visionary means for providing a system of support groups similar in nature to the AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) meetings you are familiar with. Music is Magic (Meetings) are very similar in the formation of the groups but differ in the factors that our primary functions are not geared solely towards sobriety.
     Anyone is welcome to attend our group that express a desire to improve their quality of life and or economic stability. Anyone that desires to discover their purpose, and work towards its obtainment is welcome.
     We are also very different in the aspect that we will provide Motivational Speakers and Music as our core provision of inspiration as opposed to the infamous BIG BOOK (12 Steps). The Speakers as well as Musicians and Artist will utilize their talents and be provided an opportunity to share their experiences during the meetings. The meetings will have an open forum for Questions and Answers. The participants will also be given the opportunity to contribute their testimonies and experiences. We believe that music is therapeutic in nature and will thereby provided an added amenity to the productive objective of our efforts. We endeavor to add awareness to the known fact that…MUSIC IS MAGIC!



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